inLighten Stands Out at ABA Marketing Conference with New Digital Signage Technology

inLighten announced at the ABA Marketing Conference that its iBox.v2 product release will be available beginning December. The advanced product generation sets a new standard in user control and flexibility by providing true, cross-file format compatibility and web-based content creation and editing.

“Whether you’re using Swish, PowerPoint, inLighten or any number of other graphic softwares to create digital content, you can now combine your Flash®, PowerPoint®, inLighten, MPEG4 and other show files in a schedule, and they will playback together seamlessly,” said inLighten Vice President, Jackie Fatta.

inLighten’s iBox.v2 Systems now enable the use of an expanded list of video formats including Flash, MPEG1, MPEG4, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, PowerPoint, along with live composite, cable, and direct satellite feeds.

In addition, inLighten demonstrated its newly released .v2 version iBox Manager® web-interface and gave a pre-release preview of the upcoming .v2 release of its iBox Director® desktop content management system.

The iBox Manager sports a newly designed interface, along with a powerful importing capability that allows users to upload Flash, MPEGs, and PowerPoint as finished shows for immediate scheduling and playback.

The iBox Manager .v2 features a significantly enhanced graphic editor enabling on-line importing of BMP, JPEG and PNG graphic files to be used in real-time as inserted graphics when editing shows on-line. Even insertion of live video, cable and direct satellite feeds can be done with great ease. New copy and paste tools along with a host of other features have also been added to this release.

“We’re pleased with the enthusiastic response to these product advancements and look forward to unveiling the new version of iBox Director in the coming months as well,” added inLighten Senior Vice President, Doug Braun.