inLighten Launches Industry First With inLighten Media Institute

On-Line School Dedicated to Digital Signage Quickly Surpasses Expected Participation

Feb. 11, 2011

inLighten, supplier of digital signage systems, interactive kiosks and digital audio products to more than 1,500 organizations worldwide recently set in motion the inauguration of the inLighten Media Institute, an online education program designed to enable institutions and enterprises to maximize the benefits of their digital media solutions through ongoing training, industry analysis, and technology consulting.

inLighten created the IMI to make its clients the most informed, knowledgeable and skillful users in the continually expanding world of digital media tools and communication techniques. Drawing from the expertise acquired by inLighten's over 20 years of digital media specialization, the IMI emphasizes best-practices and real-world results that can be achieved by the thoughtful application of technology and talent.

The 2011 IMI first semester included initial topics focusing on Digital Signage & Viewer Loyalty, Measuring Results for Digital Signage, Developing Effective Digital Signage Advertising, and Easy-to-Use Creation Software for Digital Signage Content. Class registrations which were limited to 500 participants per class were filled after just a few weeks. Matt Welter, Director of IMI, said class registrations surpassed expected levels.

The Media Institute is part of inLighten's Thinking Forward commitment to ongoing training and lifetime learning in the belief that the best-informed users of digital media solutions will continually select inLighten products and services. inLighten President and CEO Dan Snyder described the Institute as, "An essential step in maintaining a strong relationship with our clients, and ensuring they are highly knowledgeable about how to make the fullest use of our products and obtain the best returns on their digital media investments".

inLighten is a pioneer in networked digital media solutions including digital signage, self-service kiosks, on-hold and environment audio services and speech privacy solutions that empower clients to effectively and securely communicate with their audiences. Powered by inLighten digital media management software that enables customized content creation, scheduling and distribution controls, inLighten solutions are scalable, cost-effective and exceptionally reliable. Industry-leading consulting, installation, technical support and creative services deliver a superior customer experience and provide a single point of accountability for all aspects of implementation, day-to-day management and continuing network operation. inLighten's headquarters are in Depew, NY with regional sales support in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto.