inLighten Introduces StudioPro, Design Software For All Digital Signage Systems

Industry Leader Fills Void With Universally Compatible Digital Signage Design Software

May. 29, 2018

inLighten®, a recognized leader in the field of digital signage, interactive, self-service and audio solutions announced today the release of StudioPro™, the first design software with a specific focus on content creation for digital signage developed for universal compatibility with the digital signage systems of any manufacturer. Content creators simply download StudioPro onto any PC for access to a comprehensive suite of design tools and utilities for use with a variety of media assets and content resources. With an intuitive, easy-to-navigate and operate interface, StudioPro will streamline workflow, save time and enable users to get the most out of their current digital signage product.

According to inLighten CEO Dan Snyder, “From StudioPro’s inception our plan was to deliver a universal solution that would allow end users to easily create content that will look good on their screens, regardless of the digital signage system they’re using. We made StudioPro available to everyone – you don’t have to be an inLighten digital signage client to take advantage of it.” He explained, “As a technology innovator and industry leader, we’re constantly talking to organizations that use other companies’ digital signage systems. Even though they may be satisfied with their current system, the fact that they have to rely on difficult-to-use design software is an ongoing source of frustration for them. Now, for the first time, even though they may be under contract with another vendor, they’ve got an option to make that headache go away. inLighten believes that what benefits our industry as a whole is ultimately good for us.”

In developing StudioPro, Snyder said inLighten’s goal was to address a challenge faced by end-users across a variety of market segments, many of which are deploying digital signage for the first time. He continued, “What we’ve observed is that, increasingly, the individuals tasked with creating content for digital display systems run the gamut, including small business owners, retail managers, marketing administrators and clerical staff as well as trained graphic artists. More often than not, they’re juggling a number of roles and duties, meaning that time is at a premium for them. Attempting to work with available software that’s highly specialized and technical makes creating digital signage content unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming.”

StudioPro enables users to compose dynamic, full-motion video content using existing video, audio, images and fonts. Drawing, animation, layering and editing controls are available along with hundreds of effects and transitions that can be applied to media elements for emphasis and visual appeal. inLighten VP, Jeff Taylor, added, “Even with all the tools available to users, they’ll find that operations within StudioPro have a streamlined workflow that saves time and enhances productivity. Perhaps best of all, users are always assured of working with the most current version of StudioPro, because each time they download the software to their PC, they’ll receive the latest StudioPro updates. This approach ensures that they’ll never have to worry about out-of-date software, or the cost of paying for new software versions.”

According to Director of Client Services, Tim Curtiss, during the development of StudioPro, inLighten sought feedback from its installed base of over 2,000 different organizations. “We have clients whose digital signage footprint ranges from a single screen to thousands of screens. They’re able to give us unique insight into what’s important for all types of end-users because we have the advantage of talking to so many of them each day. What we heard consistently was that they wanted a design solution that was easily accessible and user-friendly without making any compromises on the capabilities available for creating robust and sophisticated digital content."

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