The power of digital signage now fits in the palm of your hand. inLighten’s 1.2 oz., solid state Apollo receiver is the first full-function, Android-based solution for digital signage. With HDMI connectivity that’s compatible with the full range of LED, LCD and other displays, Apollo receivers output 16:9 HD video of exceptional quality and audio of superb clarity.

Manufactured by inLighten, Apollo receivers are engineered to combine revolutionary inLighten software with hardware that’s ultra-compact and includes a lifetime replacement warranty with inLighten’s hosting service. Apollo receivers seamlessly interface with inLighten’s cloud-based Apollocast network via wired or wireless Internet. With Apollo at your screens, the expense of digital signage disappears and a portal opens to the most comprehensive suite of web-based network controls available.

Simply log into your secure Apollocast Manager account via your preferred browser to upload, schedule and distribute your content. Apollo receivers automatically retrieve your content from inLighten’s secure Apollocast network and present it according to your scheduling instructions.

Apollo receivers present content created using standard graphic software or with inLighten’s cloud-based Studio creation software. Apollo receivers automatically combine your messages with other high-value content such as programmable news and information from inLighten’s iTV™ News Bureau as well as a variety of live links to social media, RSS and other data sources that can be incorporated with ease.

Apollo receivers are plug and play devices that do not require extensive technical skill to install or maintain. For retro-fit applications, Apollo receivers can support HDMI, VGA or composite video.


Number Video Channels: One
Number Audio Channels: One
Video Display Ratio: 16:9
Video Orientation: Horizontal & Vertical
Standard Video Output: HDMI
Optional Video Output: VGA (720p), Composite
Live Content Support: Social Media Links, RSS, & more
Operating System: Android
Standard Connectivity: HTTPS
LAN Connectivity: Wired or Wireless
Lifetime Warranty: With Service Agreement
Hosted Web Interface: Apollocast